How to Michael Kors Factory Outlet Shop the Champs Elysees
Want to spend the day window-shopping at
Michael Kors Outlet Store glamorous boutiques? Then the local mall is not your answer. For the price of a plane ticket to Paris, you can enjoy browsing one of the most famous shopping streets in the world, the Avenue des Champs Elysees.Other People Are ReadingHow to Recognize a Fake BurberryHow to Eat in Paris on the CheapThings You'll NeedMapsCalculatorsTravel ServicesFanny PacksShow MoreInstructions 1Pick a nice day for your shopping excursion. Most of the stores along the Champs Elysees are not enclosed like your local mall.2Change some money at one of the many banks or money agents along the Champs Elysees. You can choose from BNP, Citibank, Societe Generale, Thomas Cook Change and many others.3Visit one of the Avenue des Champs Elysees' many luxury shops, including the world-renowned House of Guerlain. Guerlain's most famous scents include Shalimar and the newer Jicky.4Shop for a new car. Fiat, Peugeot, Renault and Mercedes-Benz dealers can all be found along the Champs Elysees.5Satisfy your growing hunger pangs with a quick lunch at a street side café such as Montecristo or Le Madrigal. Or choose from one of several fast-food restaurants, if you must.6Take in an afternoon movie at one of Champs Elysees' numerous cinemas.7Buy gifts for friends and family you left at home. Chichi French boutiques reside alongside American chains like the ubiquitous Virgin Megastore.8Take care of any last-minute business, such as sending postcards home at Le Poste or filing a claim for lost luggage at Air Afrique, Air France or Iran Air, to name a few.Tips & WarningsTake a calculator to figure exchange rates
Michael Kors Factory Outlet. Stores will give you totals in French francs (FF).Try at least two money agents before changing any money to make sure you are getting the best exchange rate.Never carry more than 400 to 500 French francs, just in case your purse or wallet is lost or stolen. Credit cards can be canceled and traveler's checks replaced, but cash is gone forever.
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